The Renaissance of “Life is Feudal: MMO” Unveiled on Steam

Long Tale Games (LTG) has brought back “Life is Feudal: MMO” on Steam, transforming the landscape of medieval fantasy gaming.

A Nod to the Fans: Balance Restoration Campaign

LTG unrolled the Balance Restoration Campaign as a tribute to loyal fans. The campaign rewards players with LiF Coins to enhance their gaming experience.

Fair Play: The Subscription Model

Since June 2023, “Life is Feudal: MMO” adopted a subscription model. This move aimed to rid the game of pay-to-win dynamics. Thereby, it offers equal opportunities to all players.

Broader Reach: Launch on Steam

From being exclusive to LTG, the game moved to Steam. This step opens the game to a more extensive MMO gaming community, improving its visibility and access.

Keeping Players at the Helm: Regular Updates

Under Evgenii Romin’s supervision, the game saw over 150 updates. These were based on player feedback. As a result, the game offers broader features and stronger cheat-prevention.

Charting the Course: Community-Directed Future

The game’s future is largely based on player feedback. The upcoming new map, due mid-2024, stands testament to this commitment.

Adventures in Abella: Gameplay Details

The game tests survival skills in the harsh realm of Abella. It requires skill mastery and strategic alliances, providing a rich and challenging MMORPG experience.

A Call to Adventure

A monthly subscription of $15 gives access to “Life is Feudal: MMO.” It welcomes both seasoned players and newcomers for an enhanced gaming journey on Steam.

In conclusion, the return of “Life is Feudal: MMO” on Steam marks a new page in the game’s journey. It stands testimony to the power of player feedback, strategic updates, and a devoted community ready for adventure.

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