Welcome Sony’s BRAVIA Theater U: Elevating Your Personal Home Cinema Experience

Sony has unveiled a game-changer in personal entertainment, the new BRAVIA Theater U Wearable TV Speaker (HT-AN7). It’s not merely a speaker, but instead, it transforms your surroundings into your bespoke cinema.

Spearheading a New Era in Home Entertainment

The BRAVIA Theater U is a marvel that brings your favorite movies to life. With it, you’re wrapped in sound, absorbed within the storyline. Crucially, the speakers are designed for the film lovers who still want to be connected to their environment. Equipped with Dolby AtmosĀ®, you’re drawn into a world where an immersive 360 Spatial Sound plays around you.

Assuring Seamless Compatibility with BRAVIA TVs

To add to the convenience, the BRAVIA Theater U pairs seamlessly with compatible BRAVIA TVs. Together, this duo enhances your viewing, transforming every scene into a life-like experience. Further, the powerful sound positioning you at the center of the action contributes to this striking immersion.

Facilitating Shared Experiences

Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of BRAVIA Theater U is the ability to pair two units together. As a result, not one, but two viewers can enjoy a film without causing any disturbances. No matter the time of the day, sharing this immersive experience becomes a breeze.

The BRAVIA Theater U is more than just a sound device. It’s about creating a personal cinema, without hindrances. Whether you’re a dedicated cinephile or someone seeking a more immersive home cinema experience, this unit is for you.

Sony’s adventurous and forward-thinking approach has given the world BRAVIA Theater U Wearable TV Speaker (HT-AN7). This innovative device promises seamless integration for an immersive viewing pleasure. Ultimately, you’re invited to a new epoch of personal entertainment, where your personal space is the theater, and every moment and detail is uniquely yours.

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