Urban Armor Gear’s Samsung Galaxy S24 Collection

In a bold move that’s catching the eye of tech enthusiasts and style mavens alike, Urban Armor Gear (UAG) has dropped an extensive and striking collection of cases for the new Samsung Galaxy S24. This lineup isn’t just about safeguarding your device; it’s a statement piece, a testament to the fusion of high-tech protection and cutting-edge design.

Plasma XTE Series: Where Rugged Meets Refined

Leading the charge is the Plasma XTE series – a case that’s not just a holder for your device but a game-changer in mobile accessories. It’s where functionality meets flair, with an integrated magnet module and a sleek, fold-out kickstand. This is the kind of case that makes a statement as bold as the tech it protects.

Magnetic Innovation and Wireless Charging

UAG has stepped up its game by embedding magnets across the entire collection, paving the way for seamless integration with numerous third-party accessories. They’ve even rolled out their own Wireless Charging Pad, a nod to those who crave the synergy of style and efficiency.

The Kevlar® Comeback

Back by popular demand is UAG’s Kevlar®-equipped range. The Monarch Pro and Metropolis LT series, now sporting an eye-catching Mallard blue Kevlar material, combine the ultimate in durability with a dash of high-fashion. The Monarch Pro, boasting up to 25 feet of drop protection, is like the armored vehicle of phone cases – robust yet stylish.

A Word from the Innovators

Casey Bevington, UAG’s Vice President of Brand and Creative, emphasizes the brand’s commitment: “We’ve pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in rugged case protection for the Samsung Galaxy S24.” It’s clear that UAG isn’t just making cases; they’re making statements.

The Full Lineup – A Case for Every Style

The collection features 12 uniquely designed cases, each marrying protection with panache. Highlights include:

  • Monarch Pro Kevlar/Monarch Pro: More than just a case, it’s a fortress for your phone with 25 feet of drop protection.
  • Metropolis LT Pro: Stylishly infused with Dupont Kevlar, offering 18 feet of drop protection in a new Mallard blue hue.
  • Civilian: A sleek design with 20 feet of drop protection, perfect for the modern minimalist.
  • Pathfinder Series: The Pathfinder is the original adventurer’s choice, now with a clear option to showcase your phone’s design.
  • Plasma Series: A translucent, rugged protector with an integrated magnet module, blending visibility with versatility.
  • Plyo Series: A marriage of military-grade protection and modern aesthetics, offering a polished look with 16 feet of protection.

The Ultimate Screen Protection: Flex Shield Plus

For Galaxy S24 Ultra users, the Flex Shield Plus is the final piece in the 360-degree protection puzzle. This screen protector is engineered to be shock-proof and scratch-resistant, ensuring your screen stays as flawless as day one.

Where to Find Them

This avant-garde collection from UAG is now up for grabs at select retailers and online at Urban Armor Gear’s website. It’s more than just protection; it’s a lifestyle choice for those who value functionality, fashion, and the spirit of innovation. UAG is not just covering your phone; they’re making it a centerpiece of your tech arsenal.

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