Harmony of Innovation: How Microsoft’s AI Chatbot Copilot Teams Up with Suno to Compose Music from Text Prompts

Microsoft has recently announced an exciting collaboration with the AI music startup Suno, integrating its capabilities with Microsoft’s AI-powered chatbot, Copilot. This partnership offers a novel and user-friendly way for individuals to create original songs using simple text prompts.

Users can now input prompts like “Create a pop song about adventures with your family” into Copilot, and Suno will take over, transforming these ideas into complete songs. The result is a fully realized musical composition, including lyrics, instrumentals, and even singing voices.

To use this feature, users can visit Copilot.Microsoft.com, log in with their Microsoft account, and enable the Suno plugin. Alternatively, they can click on the Suno logo labeled “Make music with Suno.” This integration aims to make music creation accessible to everyone, regardless of their musical background.

Microsoft has been actively involved in AI music research through its project Muzic, which was initiated in 2019. This project, part of Microsoft Research Asia, focuses on AI-powered advancements in music, such as text to music generation, lyric generation, and songwriting. Innovations from this project include DeepRapper, an AI-powered rap generator, and MuseCoCo, a text-to-symbolic music generator.

This integration not only simplifies the process of creating music but also opens up new horizons for creativity. While free users of Suno are not allowed to monetize the music created on platforms like YouTube or Spotify and Suno retains the rights to these songs, paid subscribers are granted commercial rights.

This collaboration is a part of a growing trend in the tech industry towards investing in GenAI-driven music creation technology, with other major players like Google and Meta also exploring AI in music generation.

For more detailed information, you can visit: https://copilot.microsoft.com

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