Arturia AstroLab The Avant-Garde Stage Keyboard for Unhindered Creative Expression

In stage keyboards, the AstroLab is an all-in-one keyboard for musicians and producers seeking a blend of classic and modern sounds, intuitive controls, and an innovative ecosystem. Designed with a 61-key interface, AstroLab invites you to explore its vast spectrum of sounds, seamlessly transitioning from studio production to live performance, thus redefining the essence of a performance keyboard.

AstroLab: A Symphony of Features

AstroLab is more than just a stage keyboard; it’s an instrument tailored for the modern musician. With its advanced virtual synthesis, musicians can delve into over 1300 evocative presets and 34 unique instruments. This vast library encompasses everything from essential sounds and iconic synths to groundbreaking textures, setting a new standard in sound design for performance keyboards.

Full Creative Control Without a Computer

AstroLab provides complete creative control, allowing you to access and perform your studio sounds without a computer. Its seamless integration with Analog Lab means you can edit a sound in-depth, use it in your DAW, and then drag it into AstroLab’s library. This ensures that all your sounds and settings are ready for live performance, enhancing your artistic flow.

Studio to Stage: Hassle-Free

AstroLab’s companion software simplifies mobile sound management, advanced DAW integration, and drag-and-drop playlist creation. You can organize and edit sounds in depth, go live with your custom sounds, and expand your library via the Sound Store. This feature set guarantees a hassle-free transition from studio creativity to live performance excellence.

Intuitive Controls for On-the-Fly Adjustments

Forget about fumbling for controls on stage or in the studio. AstroLab features a navigation wheel and preset buttons that make selecting sounds effortless. The inclusion of 4 macro knobs and 4 FX knobs, customizable in Analog Lab, allows for impactful live adjustments, ensuring your performance is both dynamic and expressive.

Unprecedented Performance Features

AstroLab doesn’t just stop at sounds; it offers various performance features that allow musicians to craft unique soundscapes. From layering synth arps over strings to creating dynamic multi-instruments, AstroLab facilitates a new level of musical expression. Its chord, scale, and arpeggiator modes offer additional melodic and harmonic dimensions, further enriching the performance experience.

An Expansive Sound Library

AstroLab’s sound library is a testament to its versatility, offering an array of instruments and sounds that span across musical genres and eras. AstroLab provides the tools for any musical journey, from iconic instruments and acoustic sounds to digital landscapes. The Sound Store continuously expands the library, ensuring a fresh and evolving sonic palette.

Connectivity and Compatibility

AstroLab’s platform specifications are designed to accommodate Windows and Apple users, requiring minimal system resources for optimal performance. Additionally, its robust design includes various connectivity options from USB-C to Bluetooth audio input, ensuring you remain in control, regardless of your performance setup.

What’s in the Box

The AstroLab package includes everything needed to start, including a registration card, USB cable, user manual, and power supply. Its compact dimensions and reasonable weight make it ideal for musicians on the go.

In Conclusion

AstroLab represents the pinnacle of stage keyboard innovation, offering an unparalleled blend of sound design, performance features, and user-friendly controls. Whether performing live, composing in the studio, or anywhere in between, AstroLab provides the tools and flexibility needed for true creative freedom. Embrace the future of musical performance and expression with AstroLab – where your creativity knows no bounds.

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