Whipsaw Design Lab Ravenchord

Whipsaw Design Lab (WDL) consistently pushes the boundaries of innovation and design. Their latest creation, Ravenchord, showcases this philosophy. This revolutionary piano reimagines the traditional acoustic instrument, transforming the musical experience by integrating form, function, and performance into one captivating entity.

A New Approach to Piano Design

The acoustic piano has remained essentially unchanged for centuries. This design limits the audience’s ability to appreciate its inner workings and the artist’s performance fully. However, Ravenchord overcomes these limitations with a groundbreaking “front projection upright piano” design. This unique approach exposes all internal elements. Consequently, the audience can see exactly how the sound is created. By revealing and celebrating the mechanics behind the music, Ravenchord enriches the musical experience. Thus, it makes a dynamic connection between the instrument, the music, and the audience.

Innovative Design and Functionality

Ravenchord’s strings are arranged on a spiral-shaped steel frame. They transition from short vertical treble strings to long horizontal bass strings. The hammers and dampers, positioned on the center spine, activate via solenoids. They illuminate to showcase their action as they strike the strings. Moreover, the red bridge transfers vibrations to the large back soundboard, producing a rich and resonant sound for tuning access; the front cover can be easily removed.

A Vision Realized

Dan Harden, the founder and CEO of Whipsaw Design Lab, conceived Ravenchord while dreaming of new instrument designs. His passion for music drove him to create a piano that changed the perception of a traditional piano. Therefore, it provides a visually and sonically immersive experience, captivating audiences and performers alike.

Whipsaw Design Lab’s Expertise

Whipsaw Design Lab offers a wide range of services to bring visionary ideas to life. Their expertise includes industrial design, concept visualization, aesthetics refinement, human factors and ergonomics analysis, and functional invention and feature exploration. Their dedication to excellence has earned them many accolades. For instance, they received the prestigious Red Dot Award in 2024 for Ravenchord. They have also been recognized for their work on other groundbreaking products like Dropcam cameras, Blumio blood pressure monitors, Livescribe smart pens, and Kabata smart weights.

Partnering with Whipsaw Design Lab

Whipsaw Design Lab invites partnerships to bring new concepts to fruition. Whether clients have a concept in mind or need help developing their idea, Whipsaw Design Lab is ready to assist. They provide tailored project plans that suit their client’s specific needs.

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