Unleashing Timeless Beats with GForce Software’s Oberheim DMX

Blending Vintage and Modern

GForce Software introduces the Oberheim DMX software, a tool for music production that marries vintage charm with modern technology. This innovative software transforms classic rhythms into versatile tracks for today’s producers.

Control at Your Fingertips

The software revives the classic eight-part sound kit of the original Oberheim DMX. Yet, it goes further by offering detailed control. Producers can adjust pan, solo, mute, pitch, decay, and more. These features turn the classic DMX sound into a versatile tool for music creation.

Enhance Your Sound

Beyond channel adjustments, the master channel spices up the mix. It includes a multi-mode filter, distortion, and compressor. These effects enrich the sound, adding analog warmth to digital precision.

Creating New Beats

GForce Software’s Oberheim DMX bridges the old and the new. It invites producers to craft or twist iconic beats into something entirely original. This software is not just about nostalgia; it’s about exploring the bounds of creativity in music.

This tool stands ready to inspire new generations, mixing legendary beats with innovative twists. Embrace the Oberheim DMX for its timeless sound and modern capabilities. It’s your turn to redefine music’s future.

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