Trophy Clothing: Kemp Brimless Cap

The Kemp Brimless Cap, offered in black and brown, is a Trophy Clothing product. Its design, inspired by fisherman’s caps, lacks a brim to minimize wind disturbance. This feature makes the cap both unique and practical.

The cap uses Kempis wool, notable for its rough texture with visible white hairs, a tribute to vintage styles. Its shallow and rounded shape provides a simple yet impactful look, versatile for various fashion styles.

Trophy Clothing crafted the cap in Japan, reflecting their commitment to quality. The outer fabric combines 95% cotton and 5% polyester, with a 100% cotton lining. This mix ensures comfort and durability. Available sizes are 7 1/4 (about 58cm), 7 1/2 (about 60cm), and 7 3/4 (about 62cm). Some individual size variations may occur.

This cap suits those who appreciate a blend of classic and modern design. You can view the Kemp Brimless Cap and get more details on the product page.

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