The Bootleg Series: Imogene + Willie’s Celebration of Authentic Americana

Imogene + Willie break the mold with The Bootleg Series, a collection that captures the spirit of authentic Americana. These studio tees pay homage to the unrefined essence of bootleg culture. Inspired by homemade bootleg graphics, each tee reflects the days when people printed designs in garages and sold them in concert parking lots.

The Bootleg Series features five limited-edition tees, all printed in-house and by hand. The team at Imogene + Willie starts with a blank canvas and adds their creative touch, giving each tee unique character. Special aging techniques create a worn-in feel, adding to the rugged charm.

With only 100 shirts available for each design, The Bootleg Series offers a fresh take on vintage style while celebrating the imperfect beauty of handmade fashion. The limited run adds to the exclusivity and timeless appeal.

In a culture that often prioritizes convenience over creativity, The Bootleg Series stands out. It embodies the lasting appeal of handcrafted fashion, inviting wearers to express their individuality through timeless and distinct garments.

Explore the collection here and celebrate the legacy of bootleg culture with Imogene + Willie.

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