Slowdive Everything Is Alive

Slowdive’s fifth album, “Everything is Alive,” marries their known sound with fresh starts. Six years after their last album, this work shines. It shows a classic band evolving.

Neil Halstead began the album. He worked on demos at home, experimenting with synths. He first saw it as an electronic record. But the band’s joint decisions brought back their iconic guitar sounds. This mix of ideas shaped the album. Rachel Goswell notes the magic when the band unites.

The album honors Goswell’s mother and Scott’s father, who died in 2020. It reflects personal changes and showcases a range of emotions. It’s a hopeful album despite its deep themes.

Everything Is Alive” explores life’s vibrancy. It blends psychedelic sounds with 80s electronic vibes. The album appeals to a growing young fanbase. It’s optimistic and reaches beyond typical shoegaze limits.

Slowdive’s new album steps beyond traditional shoegaze. It’s a record full of emotion and hope. The band shows how to evolve within a genre, appealing to many listeners.

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