Sleep Token Announces New Album Take Me Back to Eden

The third album by the anonymous metal band Sleep Token, currently, the hottest metal export from the UK will be available on May 19 through Spinefarm Records. In addition to revealing the record, Sleep Token is also streaming the song “Vore,” which fuses their heavy, chug side with their melodic, softer side.

According to the official press announcement, Take Me Back to Eden completes a trilogy that Sleep Token started with their 2019 debut album, Sundowning. This Place Will Be Your Tomb, the second disc in the series, was made available in 2021. Take Me Back to Eden’s announcement was anticipated by an astounding four singles plus “Vore.”

“Take Me Back To Eden” track listing:
01. Chokehold
02. The Summoning

03. Granite
04. Aqua Regia
05. Vore
06. Ascensionism
07. Are You Really Okay?
08. The Apparition
10. Rain
11. Take Me Back To Eden
12. Euclid

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