Sip & Guzzle Sets the Stage in Greenwich Village

Nestled at 29 Cornelia Street, Sip & Guzzle is a culinary jewel. This spot unites Tokyo’s taste with New York’s zest. Here, you will find a dual-concept space that caters to everyone’s palate.

Discover Culinary Greatness

Shingo Gokan, a mixology luminary, heads Sip downstairs. His cocktails have won global acclaim. Each creation is a marvel, inviting guests into a world of Edo-era elegance.

Upstairs, Guzzle channels a classic New York saloon with a modern spin. Here, Steve Schneider, a cocktail virtuoso, serves drinks with a twist of the Big Apple. The kitchen shines under Mike Bagale. He offers an inventive menu that weaves Japanese elements with contemporary flair, delivering astounding flavors.

A Dual Delight

At Sip, the atmosphere whispers of a bygone era. The menu boasts cocktails and dishes that transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Highlights include the “Wax On” and sumptuous wagyu-based delights.

Guzzle brings a lively contrast. It pairs nostalgia with modernity, thanks to Schneider’s creative mixology. Notably, the revamped Apple Manhattan and tantalizing Electric Chicken reimagine comfort food.

The design duo, Atsuhiko Sugiyama and Hiromi Akai, have crafted an environment that fuses past and present. It’s a canvas as striking as the cuisine itself.

Welcome to All

Whether you’re in for an innovative drink or a substantial meal, Sip & Guzzle has it all. It stands as a haven where food and stories intersect, offering a different vibe on each level.

Come and see why this place is more than just a dining venue—it is where every visit brings joy. It’s where memories are born and flavors converge, all in the heart of Greenwich Village. Visit Sip & Guzzle to experience world-class tastes that entice and embrace you. It’s the spot you’ll keep coming back to. Welcome to your new go-to—a setting where the extraordinary becomes familiar.

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