MONOPOLY The Beatles Edition

Exciting news for board game enthusiasts and music fans alike: The Op Games has launched MONOPOLY®: The Beatles Edition. This unique game combines the strategic fun of MONOPOLY with the rich musical history of The Beatles. It celebrates the 60th anniversary of the band’s unforgettable arrival in America. It’s a fresh take on the family favorite, tailored for those who cherish music and friendly competition.

Step Into The Beatles’ Revolutionary Era

Players are transported back to the 1960s through psychedelic twists on the MONOPOLY format. They’ll buy, sell, and trade iconic albums and moments that marked The Beatles’ journey. This edition is a vibrant dive into the band’s legacy, offering both entertainment and education on their era-defining impact.

Collect and Relive The Magic

The game features memorable albums like “Revolver” and “Yellow Submarine,” paired with custom artwork depicting key moments such as their US debut. These elements not only make the game a collector’s item but also a gateway to exploring music history.

Unique Gameplay Elements

With custom tokens inspired by Beatles classics and gameplay twists like “Listening Parties” instead of houses, this edition brings a Beatles twist to traditional MONOPOLY gameplay. It’s an engaging way for fans of all ages to connect with the band’s timeless music.

A Collaborative Effort

Created through a partnership between The Op Games, Hasbro, and Bravado International, this game reflects a harmonious blend of music and gaming. It’s a celebration of The Beatles’ lasting influence, made tangible through this interactive experience.

Get Your Game On

MONOPOLY®: The Beatles Edition, priced at $44.99, is now available. It promises to bring together families and friends for fun-filled evenings, while also serving as a tribute to one of the most influential bands in history.

For more details on this and other innovative games from The Op, visit their website and follow their social updates. This release is a testament to The Op’s dedication to creating experiences that bridge generations and celebrate cultural icons.

In our fast-paced digital world, this game is a nod to simpler times and the enduring power of music and family games to connect us.

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