KORG NTS-3 Kaoss Pad: The Future of DIY Audio Effects

The KORG NTS-3 Kaoss Pad, part of the Nu:Tekt family, is an innovative effects unit that brings the power of KORG’s open-source SDK logue engine to the DJ world. This DIY kit is compact, portable, and doesn’t require any soldering skills, making it accessible for anyone to build and enjoy.

The NTS-3 stands out with its classic KAOSS pad X/Y pad, FX depth slider, and various knobs, allowing for up to four effects to be played simultaneously. This deep editing capability turns the NTS-3 into a performance powerhouse, offering a wide range of possibilities for live performances and studio work.

This device comes loaded with an impressive array of built-in KAOSS effects, ranging from essential filters and compressors to more creative options like delays, reverbs, modulation effects, a looper, grain shifter, and a vinyl break emulator. One of the key highlights is the device’s customizable nature. Users have the option to exchange effects as desired, and it is compatible with third-party effects, offering a vast creative space for users to explore.

The NTS-3 features connections including a stereo input and output on 3.5mm, sync in/out, and a USB-C port for data and powering. It’s priced at $169.99/149€ and is poised to become a favorite among musicians, sound creators, and DIY enthusiasts.

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