Idaho’s Anticipated Return with ‘Lapse’: The First New Album in Over 13 Years

Idaho, an iconic name in the slowcore indie rock scene, is making a meaningful return that promises to stir the hearts of die-hard fans and music enthusiasts alike. After a hiatus of over a decade, the band has announced its first new album in over 13 years, Lapse, set to release on May 31, 2024. This is exciting news for those who have followed Idaho’s introspective and emotionally resonant musical journey since the ’90s.

Listeners are welcome to pre-order the album on Bandcamp, immediately gaining access to a streaming track from the upcoming release. The full Lapse album will be available for download upon its official release, boasting high-quality audio in MP3 and FLAC formats.

Vinyl & CD Releases:

Lapse will grace turntables for vinyl lovers with a first pressing on standard 140g black vinyl. This collector’s item is housed in a matte-finish single jacket with a spine and a matte-finish inner sleeve. The package also includes a full-color 12-page oversized lyric booklet festooned with liner notes by Idaho’s own Jeff Martin, providing an intimate window into the album’s creation.

CD enthusiasts are not left out, as the album arrives in a gatefold matte-finish digipak featuring a full-color lyrics booklet insert. This ensures the tactile experience of physically unfolding a story through music and words.

The Making of ‘Lapse’:

The conception of Lapse took off on January 1, 2022, in the afterglow of a New Year’s Eve celebration in 29 Palms. Jeff Martin and guitarist Robby Fronzo and their lovably boisterous canine companions embarked on a musical odyssey in Martin’s mother’s desert house. This setting became a background character to the album, with the high desert’s vibrant aesthetics and expansive sunsets informing the sonic landscape of the LP.

Candidly referred to as the “Steely Dan model” by Robby, this collaborative effort is a clear departure from the solitary process that marked Idaho’s recordings since 2000’s Hearts of Palm. This welcomed synergy reintroduces the magic of collective artistry to Idaho’s creative process, an element that fans will undoubtedly appreciate and savor.

With a narrative enriched by the vicissitudes of the COVID-19 era, Lapse is shaped by both dedication and fate, as evidenced by the departure of producer/engineer Bill Sanke, which led Jeff Martin to mix the album himself. This labor of love, nestled within the oneiric landscape of the Laurel Canyon, preserves the rawness and authenticity that has always been at the heart of Idaho’s music.

Aesthetic and Design:

Jonathan Schute lends his artistic vision to the album’s design, further encapsulating the introspective atmosphere that defines Lapse. Jeff Martin’s photography, alongside the thoughtful design, sets the visual stage for the auditory experience that awaits.

We can only speculate about the full depth of Lapse, but what is certain is that Idaho is poised to reconnect with the world, channeling both the familiar and the new. Encapsulating reflection and enduring artistry, this record is a beacon for those who find solace in the sad beauty of Idaho so masterfully crafts.

Pre-order Lapse at Idaho’s Bandcamp page, and prepare to be part of Jeff Martin and Robby Fronzo’s profound auditory journey.

[Photo credits: Jeff Martin]

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