Hardgraft R1 Sneakers

Hardgraft’s R1 Sneakers stand out for their quality and design. These sneakers, part of a larger footwear collection, showcase Hardgraft’s commitment to elegant, practical accessories. They’re crafted from fine Italian suede and vegetable-tanned calfskin, ensuring durability and style.

The design of the R1 Sneakers focuses on minimalism and functionality. Features like a padded ankle, elasticated tongue support, and a soft insole with a 1cm heel provide comfort and a good fit. They also have a calfskin lining for added luxury.

Hardgraft advises that these sneakers fit true to size. If you’re on the higher end of a size, they suggest going a size up for a comfortable fit. The waterproof rubber soles make them versatile for all-day wear.

For maintenance, Hardgraft recommends using a waterproof spray before first use. Regular cleaning and application of a nourishing cream or wax will keep the leather in good condition. If the sneakers get wet, dry them with a soft cloth in a warm environment, avoiding direct heat.

You can explore the R1 Sneakers and Hardgraft’s full footwear range on their website. Their collection offers various styles, all reflecting Hardgraft’s elegant and practical design philosophy.

Hardgraft R1 Sneakers
Hardgraft Footwear Collection

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