Four Tet Three

With “Three,” Kieran Hebden, better known as Four Tet, delivers an album that weaves a rich tapestry of electronic soundscapes, marking a significant point in his prolific career. Released on March 15, 2024, through Text Records, this twelfth studio album invites listeners on a journey through the eclectic realms of Hebden’s musical genius.

A Seamless Fusion of Sounds

“Three” stands as a testament to Hebden’s mastery of blending diverse elements into a coherent whole. From the crisp club beats to the ambient sonics that have defined Four Tet’s sound, the album is a celebration of musical exploration. It’s as if Hebden has distilled a decade of experiences and influences into a concise tracklist that resonates with both long-time fans and newcomers alike.

Tracks That Speak Volumes

Each track on “Three” serves as a chapter in a larger narrative, with Hebden playing the role of a storyteller through sound. The album opens with “Loved,” a track that feels like a nod to the 90s with its snare-heavy funk and a perfume-esque quality that envelops the listener in a euphoric haze. “Storm Crystals” and “Daydream Repeat” shimmer and shine, crafting imagery of light weaving through clouds and offering a glimpse into the immersive majesty of Hebden’s live performances.

Rhythm and Melody Intertwine

Hebden’s knack for rhythm engineering is on full display in “Three,” particularly in tracks like “So Blue” and the album closer “Three Drums.” The former twists and turns around its beat, while the latter encapsulates Hebden’s percussive instincts, offering listeners a microcosm of his approach to creating rhythm.

An Understated Evolution

While “Three” doesn’t stray far from the sonic landscapes familiar to Four Tet’s fans, it represents an evolution in Hebden’s approach to music-making. Rather than seeking grandiosity, Hebden opts for a more understated pursuit of evolution, focusing on the core facets of his artistry. This choice underscores the album’s beauty, making it a radiant and rewarding experience for those in search of electronic elegance.

A Testament to Timeless Talent

In “Three,” Four Tet reaffirms his status as an inimitable force in the electronic music scene. The album is a culmination of Hebden’s experiences, collaborations, and musical explorations, distilled into a form that feels both familiar and fresh. It is a stunning work from a talent that continues to redefine the boundaries of electronic music, inviting listeners to experience the depth and breadth of his musical landscape.

“Three” is more than just an album; it’s an auditory journey that encapsulates the essence of Four Tet’s career, making it a must-listen for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the world of electronic music.

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