ELDEN RING Shadow of the Erdtree

The Lands Between have just grown darker, deeper, and infinitely more intriguing with the release of ELDEN RING’s latest expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree. FromSoftware, the masterminds behind the acclaimed fantasy action RPG, have outdone themselves with their largest expansion to date. This new chapter in the ELDEN RING saga invites players to unravel the mysteries lurking within the Land of Shadow, a place steeped in lore and danger.

A Dark Tale Unfolds

Guided by the enigmatic Empyrean Miquella, players are beckoned to explore the Land of Shadow, a realm shrouded by the imposing Erdtree. This ancient land, where the goddess Marika first set foot, is rich with untold secrets and treacherous foes. As you traverse these shadowed territories, you’ll encounter characters with hidden agendas, each playing a part in the dark narrative that Miquella has woven.

Discover New Worlds and Hidden Secrets

ELDEN RING Shadow of the Erdtree isn’t just an expansion; it’s a gateway to a new world within the ELDEN RING universe. Beyond the familiar landscapes of the Lands Between, the Land of Shadow offers vast, interconnected maps filled with diverse environments and meticulously crafted dungeons. FromSoftware’s signature level design ensures that every corner hides a secret, and every path presents a new challenge.

Deepened RPG Elements

With Shadow of the Erdtree, players can expect a wealth of new content that enhances the RPG experience. New weapons, equipment, weapon skills, and magic spells expand your arsenal, allowing for even greater customization and strategic depth. Face off against formidable new enemies and bosses, each requiring unique tactics and newfound powers to defeat. The expansion’s plotlines further enrich the already complex narrative, providing fresh twists and turns that will keep you engaged.

Multiple Editions for Every Adventurer

ELDEN RING Shadow of the Erdtree comes in several editions to suit different types of players:

  • Standard Edition: Requires the ELDEN RING base game and includes the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion.
  • Shadow of the Erdtree Edition: A bundle that includes both the ELDEN RING base game and the expansion at an affordable price.
  • Premium Bundle: Includes the expansion, an art book, and a soundtrack app. Requires the base game.
  • Deluxe Edition: Features the base game, the expansion, an art book, and a soundtrack app for both the base game and the expansion.
  • Collector’s Edition: For the ultimate fan, this edition includes the expansion code, a 46cm statue of “Messmer the Impaler,” an art book, and a download voucher for the original soundtrack. Please note, the base game is not included in this edition.

All editions come with a bonus in-game Gesture, “Ring of Miquella,” available upon pre-order and unlockable later in the expansion

ELDEN RING Shadow of the Erdtree is a must-have for any Tarnished looking to deepen their journey in the Lands Between. With its rich lore, expansive new areas, and enhanced RPG elements, this expansion promises to offer countless hours of enthralling gameplay. Head over to the official Bandai Namco store and secure your edition today. Step into the shadows and discover the mysteries that await.

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